A woman-owned and operated company that uses a digital platform and data analytics to connect patients in under-resourced neighborhoods to nearby vital health and social services.

The Organization

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Stacy Lindau, NowPow grew out of a health initiative of the Affordable Care Act that sought to jump-start new approaches to promoting good health and well-being. Employing non-professional community outreach workers, NowPow uses digital technology to link those people known to have chronic health and social problems to community-based providers of the health and social services that have been prescribed for them.

Based in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, NowPow currently works in communities on the city’s South and West sides serving a broad range of clients from large hospitals, such as Rush University Medical Center and Sinai Health System, to community health centers and organizations, such as Mercy Housing and CommunityHealth.

NowPow Product

The Challenge

In Chicago, the average life expectancy for individuals in low-income, minority communities can be as much as 16 years lower than the life expectancy of those living in affluent, white areas. In Cook County alone, more than half of Medicaid and Medicare enrollees or uninsured individuals live with multiple chronic health and social conditions.

All too often, people in under-resourced communities lack the information and connections to follow the recommendations made to them by health care and social service providers. Studies have shown that the most important predictor of improved health is whether the person follows through on the therapies or medicines prescribed, or what is called “self-care.” Yet, it is here that a great challenge persists. Not only is it difficult for professionals and patients to access up-to-date information, but patients also often lack the information they need to access the prescribed treatments.

NowPow Founders
Pictured above: NowPow CEO Rachel Kohler (left) with Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Stacy Lindau (right)

The Solution

NowPow aids health and social service providers and empowers patients to take charge of and improve their health by translating recommendations (specific to their condition, address, age, and gender) into accessible contacts and resources – whether those are for a specific therapy or health care service provider or for a source to access general needs, such as housing, job placement, or fitness training. In addition to connecting patients to community resources, NowPow also maintains an e-connection between patients and their case managers, care coordinators, social workers, and clinicians.

NowPow EmployeesPictured above: NowPow employees during a team meeting

The Impact

NowPow will use the $1.5 million loan from the Benefit Chicago fund to support business growth and ability to scale, assume additional contracts, and increase its impact.

Dr. Stacy Lindau, Founder of NowPow
“Most of us manage our health most of the time outside the doctor’s office. Our solution creates joy for patients, their health care providers, and local business and organizations by enlightening everyone to healthful community resources.”