Why invest?

Impact enterprises throughout the Chicago region often lack access to the kind of patient, flexible, affordable, and risk-tolerant capital they need to increase their impact. Such financing is typically not available from conventional sources because of lack of collateral, a need for customized terms, or perceived risk. Benefit Chicago offers a simple and secure way for investors who care about the health and vitality of the Chicago region, the quality of life of local residents, and their economic prospects and security to put their money to work.

What does the capital do?

Capital is provided to impact enterprises that strive to build wealth in or for communities through economic development, growth of community assets, and support of community-based entrepreneurs; create jobs that are accessible to community residents, particularly for those people with challenges accessing employment; and enhance job readiness and skills for those seeking to find, maintain, and advance in employment.

How do I invest?

You can invest in Benefit Chicago through an accessible, fixed income investment product, the Calvert Impact Capital Community Investment Note®. You can invest with as little as $20 online or by check. Those investing $1,000 or more can also invest through a brokerage account or financial advisor, or through a donor-advised fund at The Chicago Community Trust. Learn more on our Invest page.